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Overview Main Programme 
Programme Thursday, November 6
Programme Friday, November 7
Programme Saturday, November 8
Programm Sunday, November 9

Moderated Poster Discussion


The main programme of each congress day includes two sessions in
German language.

These sessions will cover all topics of the congress.

10th Annual meeting of the German Veterinary Dental Association
(language: German)

Veterinary Behaviour Meeting
(language: English)


Attention students: The bvvd (Federal Association of Veterinary Students in Germany), the International Veterinary Student's Association (IVSA) and the GVMS (German Veterinary Medical Society) invite you to the 20th Euro Congress of the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations with special events for students in Munich.
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ATF-credits Main Programme: 19 hours

ATF-credits 10th Annual Meeting of the German Veterinary Dental Association: 7 hours

ATF-credits Seminars: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 +11: 4 hours

ATF-credits Seminars: 2, 8 +13: 3 hours

ATF-credits Seminar 12: 6 hours

ATF-credits GEVA-GPM-Congress: 14 hours

ATF-credits Veterinary Behaviour Meeting:

  • ATF-credits 20th Annual Meeting of the ESVCE (Friday): 7 hours
  • ATF-credits Annual Meeting of the GTVMT (Saturday): 7 hours